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Retro Racing OUYA Sales and Stats

Retro Racing has been on the OUYA store for almost 2 weeks now; I spent a week or so adapting the android version of the game to work on OUYA, which was mostly a smooth process, the only niggle was getting the in-app-purchase to work (which was due to me using the wrong package name in the app).

Considering that it only took me just over a week to port, I think it’s been well worth it. Here are the sales stats for the first 12 days… Read More »


Retro Racing on OUYA

Retro Racing is out now on the OUYA store. Despite my best efforts, it hasn’t appeared in the racing category! I have no idea why not. In fact, the only place the game appears (as of now) is at the end of the bottom section (named ‘sandbox’). Presumably, all new OUYA releases get stuffed in here, and if they’re deemed good enough, eventually escape from the sandbox (and there is a section named along those lines) and are assigned a category. Who knows!?

So, for now, if you want to check out the game on your OUYA. You’ll need to go to the bottom of their store front, to the sandbox section, then keep going right! Or just search ‘Retro Racing’.


Retro Racing on Windows and Mac

Retro Racing for Mac and Windows PC. Pretty good two player mode, especially if you have USB joypads (works with keyboard too, naturally).

Download Demo:



Qwak for iPad coming soon

Woo! Development is all but finished on Qwak for iPad. It featured new iPad Retina graphics, 2 player mode (required 2 iPhones or iPod touches), and of course, super addictive frantic game-play in abundance.

Look out for it on an AppStore near you soon.


Save Retro Racing!

Recently, with great regret, Retro Racing was removed from the AppStore. Well, I’m very pleased to let you know, that it’s back!

It’s been quite an emotional roller-coaster ride for me personally, but through it all, I’ve had great support from other developers and gamers alike. It means a lot to me, and makes me feel not so alone in of all this. So, a big thank you, to each and every one of you for your support and encouragement. Read More »

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