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Retro Racing OUYA Sales and Stats

Retro Racing has been on the OUYA store for almost 2 weeks now; I spent a week or so adapting the android version of the game to work on OUYA, which was mostly a smooth process, the only niggle was getting the in-app-purchase to work (which was due to me using the wrong package name in the app).

Considering that it only took me just over a week to port, I think it’s been well worth it. Here are the sales stats for the first 12 days…

OUYA sales stats

So, that’s 13,116 downloads and 315 sales in the first 12 days.┬áNot too bad. I expect things will taper off before too long, but it’s still making me consider porting Qwak to Android and OUYA!…

Thanks to everyone who bought the game!

...thanks for sharing
  • Matt

    Congrats, that’s great! Are you planning on Gamestick too (as it it essentially it should just be a trivial port)?

  • Jean-Claude Cottier

    Hi, are your sales still going well?

  • Is the game still free, or are you charging for the game as well?
    Are the IAP ‘extra cars’ still $1? So does that mean you got $315 dollars, or around $13,500? A bit of a difference, eh?
    I gave your game a 5-star review on IOS and rec’d on FB. Hope that helped!

  • Thanks for review and recommendations! Yeah, it was 315 sales (all downloads are free on OUYA, just pay for the IAP), and $5 per sale; which developers get 70% of. Sales have pretty much flatlined now, one or two a day, but I’m glad I ported the game to OUYA.

  • Hi Matt, yes, it’s on Gamestick too.

  • Hi JC, yep, sales have slowed down a lot now; well in to the long-tail.

  • HELP

    How do u buy the cars

  • Dave

    Bought it today, Awesome. Lots of memories from an old time Amiga user.

  • For the OUYA version, there should be a single IAP to unlock all content (all the levels and all the cars).

  • Tanooki

    If you could port Qwak to Android I’d love to have it. I’ve got one of your GBA carts and it’s fantastic. I wish more people put that level of spit and polish into the simple things like they used to.

  • Vince

    Don’t bother with OUYA no one has it. Just do Android Qwak and an updated PC/Mac Qwak

  • HB

    Loved this game always hoping for more tracks and would pay!

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