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Retro Racing on Windows and Mac

Retro Racing for Mac and Windows PC. Pretty good two player mode, especially if you have USB joypads (works with keyboard too, naturally).

Download Demo:


...thanks for sharing
  • Looks great! Amiga 4ever

  • giocchan

    Hi – I want this on Steam! Put it there and I’ll buy it! (try Steam Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/greenlight/)

  • oddyoh

    Love this! Thanks for bringing it to the Mac, and even more thanks for adding controller support! Plugged in my PS2-to-USB adapter, and away we go! :)

  • AA

    Just bought it but when i open it it doesn’t respond and after abut 10 minutes of waiting it finally just pops open. Any ideas on why it doesn’t open right away?

  • Hello, can you send me an Email about this please, and we’ll sort it out for you. Thanks.

  • PresentNostalgia

    Loved Nitro, it was my first Amiga game (together with some others). The graphics were amazing, and in some way very deeply inspiring – they reminded me of some moment in my past that I may or may not have experienced, like a memory from ‘beyond’, when life was perfect. I also loved the playability, and it really expressed what the Amiga could do – funwise, that is. I still like to play it from time to time.

    However, my financial status is such that I have been considering whether I can afford to order a certain DVD into my local library so I can rent it, or not, because it will cost 50 cents. I would be glad to support the author, but I don’t even have a paypal account. I have made a small ‘avoiding’ type game, though it’s not completely finished yet (but the main playability is, it can be completed and all).

    My humble game is of course not worth even nearly as much as something like Retro Racing must be, but perhaps I could pay with my creations.. ah, never mind, I don’t really want to use creations as a current anyway. Besides, I give away free anything I create, because the Universe has given me the ability, resources, energy, shelter, food, and everything else necessary to even make creations.. it is only fair that I give any results of that generosity back to the Universe, for everyone to enjoy.

    Oh well, off to check out the demo, then .. I really wish poor people would be offered games for free.

  • PresentNostalgia

    Is the game really supposed to be so fast that it’s practically unplayable? I think there’s something wrong – the other cars zoom so fast that it takes them like 0.2 seconds to loop the track – they loop it about three or four times a second!

    Would really have liked to play this game, but it’s just completely uncontrollable, being so ultra-fast. Is there a way to slow it down? I could of course run it in VMWare or something..

    Also, it doesn’t let me choose 1920×1080, the resolutions stop at 1770 or something for some reason.

    A minor gripe; the game doesn’t have hand-pixelled graphics, so how can it be called ‘retro’? I mean, completely computer-generated graphics are a very modern invention in games. Nitro had more atmospheric graphics, and more pleasing to the eye. These cold computer-graphics sort of leave me.. well.. cold. There’s no personality. They look like automated cartoons instead of something that the graphician poured their finest self into!

    I know coders who worship the possibility of letting the computer do the visuals, but to me, such graphics are disgusting, and I can’t completely understand their enthusiasm about it. Why anyone would make such a choice is beyond me. Ok, practical reasons, like ‘scalability’, perhaps. But worshipping the modern things while claiming to be all ‘retro’ is kind of misleading and dishonest. Even this web page is as modern as possible, like it’s trying to show off something, just making it slower and more a pain to use than it otherwise would be (I don’t use very modern browsers). Even typing this text is slow and tedious, but I am not sure what causes it to slow down to a crawl every second or so.

    The whole experience left a bitter taste in my mouth – thank goodness Nitro still exists.

  • Nasser


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