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Qwak for iPad coming soon

Woo! Development is all but finished on Qwak for iPad. It featured new iPad Retina graphics, 2 player mode (required 2 iPhones or iPod touches), and of course, super addictive frantic game-play in abundance.

Look out for it on an AppStore near you soon.

...thanks for sharing
  • Purpleoctopai

    Hey there. Any possibility of iCade support? Love playing Retro Racing on iCade. 

  • Yep, it supports iCade and getJoypad (use your iPhone or iPod touch as a controller).

  • ooo 2 player co-op Qwak, now that takes me back.. 

  • Steve

    Is there a projected release date yet for Qwak iPad?

  • TattooedBear

    Qwak on OUYA please!!! I see you`re considering it. I`d LOVE to buy that for my console! Congrats on some good sales. I wish you the best!

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