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Save Retro Racing!

Recently, with great regret, Retro Racing was removed from the AppStore. Well, I’m very pleased to let you know, that it’s back!

It’s been quite an emotional roller-coaster ride for me personally, but through it all, I’ve had great support from other developers and gamers alike. It means a lot to me, and makes me feel not so alone in of all this. So, a big thank you, to each and every one of you for your support and encouragement.

Retro Racing was off the store for 5 and half days, at the worse possible time (after being featured in a national newspaper, The Sun, and chart position was going up fast). I’m super happy it’s back on the store, however, sadly, Retro Racing has now dropped way down the charts.

So, I’d like to ask for your help, to get it back up the charts and visible again on the AppStore.

Here are 5 ways you can help out:

1. Please click this link now, to tweet this artice!
2. Post it on Facebook!
3. Post a link to this page, on your favourite forum!
4. Tell your friends!
5. Buy the game, and use the in-game tweet button a few times!

You may think of others, let us know or post your thoughts in the comments!

Thank you. :)

Now things have calmed down, I’m going to get back to making more levels and will try and get an update out for the game, ASAP! :)

Lastly, I want to say, I bear no hard feelings towards Apple. They’re a great company, I like their products and I like making games for iOS. Without Apple, there would be no iOS devices to make games on, and no AppStore allowing small developers like myself to self-publish our own games.

The guys at Apple developer support have been really cool and helpful. It’s taken time to resolve, but we got there. This was such an rare edge-case scenario, that it’s new for them too. I was pleased to hear that they’re going to investigate this issue further, and see what can be done to refine their process, and prevent this from happening to someone else in the future.

...thanks for sharing

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