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Retro Racing now plays nice with iCade

Our first update of Retro Racing (version 1.1), brings you not only more levels and two player head-to-head on your iPhone or iPod touch; but also…

Support for iCade!

Here at Mr Qwak towers, we’re quite fond of iCade, and you can probably expect to see more of our games supporting it in future!

Check out Retro Racing on the AppStore.

p.s. Can anyone spot anything unusual about this photo?

...thanks for sharing
  • @ParkGames

    Lap counter reads 0/5 or onscreen controls are still displayed.

  •  Yeah, really should remove onscreen controls when game is working with iCade. It’s not the answer I’m look for though! HINT: Something is different to how it is in the released version!

  • Dan Owen

    Looking awesome!
    Well the “unusual” thing must be the nice trackside extras like those umbrellas and trees! Cool stuff :)
    p.s. Yeah baby, number 1 on track 1 haha :p I’m a child, i know!

  •  Bingo! We have a winner! Congrats on the number one spot too Dan! :)

  • mamekudz

    Hello, I have just try to connect two Steel Free to play the two player mode, but it does not work. Both devices are connected but only the first car can be controlled :-( It will be the fun to play it with two controller on an iPad ;.)

  • Wasn’t aware of Steel Free controllers. They look pretty good though. Not quite sure how they work, if via Bluetooth, you may only be able to connect one at a time (iOS devices can only have one BT ‘keyboard’ connected, I think). Feel free to Email me to discuss it some more though..

  • shadowhyphen

    It would be great if I can accelerate the car with the “6” button on the iCade Mobile.

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