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Where did Retro Racing go?

Don’t forget to check out this follow-up post: Retro Racing is back on the AppStore.

Today started out great! My game had a mini-review in a national newspaper (The Sun) and was racing back up the charts. Then, suddenly, things started to go down hill, in a big way.

As of now, Retro Racing is no longer available on the AppStore…

Retro Racing had around 44,000 downloads in one month. I never knew that kind of success before, and can’t begin to tell you how pleased I was. Making good money, doing something I totally love.

So what went wrong?

I recently migrated my iOS developer account from a personal to a business account. This involved setting up new banking info; and for whatever reason, this transition has not gone smoothly. I now have no contract in place to sell paid iOS apps on the AppStore. Hence, my game is no longer available for download.

When I requested the migration, I wasn’t made aware that this may be an issue. Had I known, I would not have risked it. Why didn’t Apple warn me? If you’re an iOS developer, be warned, and be cautious about making changes to your iOS developer account while your sales are good. I don’t want you making the same mistakes I have!

What are the likely consequences of all this?

Going from between 1,000 and 3,000 sales a day; to 0. It may take several days for the banking issue to resolve itself, and my game to get back on the AppStore. When it’s back, chart position will be low, the game will not be visible, and new people won’t find out about it.

I guess it’s going to be extremely hard to recover from this; but, you never know.

How do I feel?

I guess I feel a mix of emotions right now. A bit gutted, obviously. Upset and concerned over lost sales. Small, vulnerable, isolated; it’s just me on my own here, and I do literally everything and often feel I over stretch myself. I had no co-workers for support (or to bitch and moan to). Also, it all happened at the worse possible time (as I got exposure in The Sun).

I also feel quite philosophical and hopeful.

Also, it has to be said that Apple are a great company. They’ve put the infrastructure together that allows small indie developers like myself, to create the games we want to make, and self-publish on their AppStore. Without Apple, I wouldn’t have had that one month of success in the first place. So, thank you Apple. I hope they can help me resolve this, and get the game back on the AppStore ASAP though!

I’m hopeful the game will recover, and I’ll go on supporting it with updates; and also work on cool new iOS games, for you to enjoy. I’d really like that.

So when can you get Retro Racing?

If you’ve been trying to buy the game, I can only apologize, and hope you’ll try again in a few days, when, fingers crossed, everything will be well with the world again.


It’s been well over 72 hours now, and still no improvement, and Apple are moving very slow on this. I will announce on twitter and my mailing list (sign-up form on the left of this page) when the game is back on the store. I really really appreciate all the support I’ve been getting from you all. Most encouraging. Thank you.


It’s back on the AppStore!

Don’t forget to check out this follow-up post: Retro Racing is back on the AppStore.


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