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Retro Racing up the UK charts

Retro Racing is rocketing up the AppStore charts, well, in the UK it is, seems quite good in the US too. It’s doing much better than my first game, Qwak. Suprisingly, considering Qwak was featured by Apple, and so far, our favourite fruity company has been a little slow in shining their love light on Retro Racing.

...thanks for sharing
  • Matt

    Absolutely deserved. What a great game.

    Please give us more laps per race (selectable) and ability to turn the add-ons off.

    Amazed by how well this works on 2 player. Game looks even cuter.

  • D Heywood

    Very good little racing game, reminds me of the old arcade game. Simple graphics but loads of playability, excellent physics. Hope you come up with some other titles soon. Thanks

  • knoids

    I love this game! It has a great feel to it. Thanks for making this excellent game!

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